Welcome to BRIC ENERGY!

As a leading company with international operations, BRIC ENERGY provides a comprehensive solution for efficient environmentally friendly energy:  scope of consulting in issues of energy, through realisation of photovoltaic facilities and industrial equipment installed on roofs to solar power plants as a solution of own energy consumption and subsidised facilities with effective productivity.

Company with established international operations
BRIC ENERGY is a wholesaler of photovoltaic equipment and its offer covers high-quality components and complete systems. As a company with established international operations, we are experts in turnkey photovoltaic facilities.  We are actively operating in Europe and to an increasing extent also overseas. We import components mainly from China and provide corresponding logistics solutions. We have extraordinarily good network connections in China and have our own procurement department with Chinese speaking colleagues.

We are your partner for efficient energy production!
With BRIC ENERGY, in photovoltaics, you get a sole partner and get all the performances and services from one source. We concentrate all professional competency, capabilities and knowledge, we work with an experienced team of engineers, corporate economists, tax advisers and lawyers, we have an excellent international network and with our professional competency, capabilities and experience, we shall take good care of you at all levels of the value creation chain.

Call if you need consulting, performances or services in the area of photovoltaic equipment to lower your energy costs. We look forward to meeting you!


As a wholesaler, we are the right partner for equipment manufacturers, designers, operators of solar facilities and retailers in the field of solar equipment and products. Our product range covers everything that you need for efficient production of your own energy: from photovoltaic modules, through solar inverters and cables for solar equipment to complete assembly of the load-bearing structure. Thanks to the high turnovers and worldwide network connections, we can offer you extraordinary bargain prices.

Project Development

Equipment for installation on roofs and in open areas, project rights and licences to generate electricity are acquired by BRIC ENERGY in a focused way and it converts them into permanent assets with above-average rate of return.


Our consulting services related to efficient energy round out our service offer. The comprehensive consideration and assessment of energy consumption makes it possible to implement energy system management and optimise the purchase of energy by our auditors with certification from TÜV.