Maintenance & Service

Without professional maintenance and service, even the best equipment cannot survive the duration of the investment. For this reason, we offer all our customers a complete care block without any further worries.

Choose your own scope of service

Do you want service done on only part of the equipment (e.g. inverters)? Or we should help you in all matters: from cleaning and treatment, through tests and inspection, maintenance of good condition, such as measuring of the insulation and inspection of the protective elements, to support in documentation for the suppliers of energy, authorities and insurance.
In the process, we cover all requirements, which are stipulated for you, for instance, by the financing bank or insurance company.

At the next stage of construction, within overall liability for the project, we can also willingly offer business and technical management of your investment.

The involvement of BRIC ENERGY starts at minimum five years and can be extended optionally up to 20 years. Naturally, we shall gladly prepare an individual offer for you.

Warranty on products

Of course our service performances and services are always subject to the requirement to maintain manufacturers’ warranty or even expand it on the basis of agreements that can be negotiated separately with us.

Opt for us and be a satisfied customer of BRIC ENERGY.