Public Sector

Independence, durability, assurance - BRIC ENERGY is the partner for public procurement contractors

The federal, country and municipal levels have high responsibility to ensure that their citizens get a continuous power supply, which must at the same time fulfil multiple conditions:

  • environmentally friendly production
  • no environmental burden
  • affordable price

This task can be fulfilled only with energy change concepts adapted to the future.

Photovoltaic facilities are permanently considerate to the environment: they do not generate any emissions and are powered by the infinite power of the sun. This technology will provide you and your citizens with assurance and independence from other producers of electricity and their risks.

Increase of value thanks to meaningful usage
Use the idle potential!

Worldwide many branches of industry that require sanitation exist, as well as idle agricultural land. It is a great challenge to reinstate them to meaningful use. The reason is that the regeneration of such areas is usually very expensive. Here, optimum conditions for use of photovoltaic facilities are on offer; it is not necessary in the process to first decontaminate these industrial sectors while you at the same time promote your CO2 targets.

Affordable energy for your citizens

The share of the citizens in permanent photovoltaic facility projects increase the level of their acceptance, feeling of security and strengthens the positive identification with the bearers of political decision-making. Strengthen the area living standard, feeling, models of cooperation and offer locally produced electricity.