Project Development

Photovoltaic power plants represent permanent usage of free areas. Certain and safe thing:

  • Thanks to the small closure of surface areas and good possibilities for removal of buildings, the value is retained up to the period after usage.
  • At the same time, you get regular payments from the sale of electricity. Certain and safe thing:

BRIC ENERGY has long-term experience in the evaluation and development of areas for photovoltaic power plants. For suitable locations, we take over communication with the authorities and operators of the networks, we establish a suitable project company and develop the project to implementation stage. Subsequently, as the general contractor for the investor, we build the power plant or sell the project rights.

Would you like to use your land for permanent investment? Then get information about our performances and services in the project development section or simply contact us!

*** GRAFIK ***

Project idea - planning - permission stage - building rights

Our expert opinion: Verification of the project at the highest level and in the interest of the needs of investors, banks and all parties to the project. At the same time, we can use the network of renowned offices and consulting companies. The country concerned is of no consequence: We shall work with the appropriate local partner. 

Our strong points: Own project development in new prospective photovoltaic equipment markets and development of special systemic solutions in established markets.

Our target: Laying down the foundations for a profitable and safe project.

Exact macroeconomic analyses done by our experts shall decide the markets that we shall enter.

The framework conditions, such as economic operation, political situation and the local network play a major role in the process. Often there is cooperation with local partners in a given country. At the same time, our experts at headquarters manage and engage local partners.

The objective is to lay down the foundations for a profitable and safe project.